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if you believe in a country where everybody get -- gets a fair shot, and everybody plays fair, then i need your vote. president obama urges the president's voters to stay the course. good evening everyone i'm frank vascellaro. >> and i'm julie haener. his election four years ago made history but a slow recovery from the recession
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makes reelection anything but certain. today president barack obama made his case for a second term. we have team coverage. amber lee followed today's speech. but we begin with ken pritchett, inside the national convention where the president said times have changed but so have i have. >> reporter: we heard a lot of things that could be more rousy, more aimed at getting a reaction but the message was what we were looking for. the president says his plan restructure it is middle class but that it takes time. >> you elected me for the truth. and the truth is it will take more than a few years to fix
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challenges that have built over decades. >> reporter: republicans at their convention talked about america's problems not about how to fix those problems. >> all they had to offer was the same prescriptions they've had for the last 30 years. have a surplus? try a tax cut. deficit too high, try another. feel a cold coming on, take two tax cuts roll back some regulations and call us in the morning. >> reporter: mr. obama talked about the accomplishments about his administration over the last four years siting the bail out, the killing of bin web and -- killing of osama bin laden. >> after all you don't call russia our number one enemy, not al-qaida russia unless you're still stuck in a cold
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war mind set. >> reporter: obama said the change voters wanted four years ago is a work in progress. >> we draw strength from our victories and we learn from our mistakes but we keep our eye stuck on that deficit horizon knowing the providence is with us and that we are surely blessed to have citizens of the greatest nation on earth. >> reporter: it was a speech with a tone focused more on the future than the past. what many delegates expected. >> i thought it was fabulous. it really touched on the concerns of the country, the answerss to the questions that people have been asking. >> he also really gave us the specifics that we needed and i think that we are completely lacking at the rnc convention. >> reporter: in the coming days we will see if this speech, this convention gives the president a bounce in the polls and more importantly will that bounce stick or the case
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against mitt romney be pleading? >> flow to amber lee who's with democratic supporters who watched tonight's address in san francisco. amber. >> reporter: frank the san francisco democratic party held its watch party here at the labor union's office. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: tears flowed for this woman who says she's unemployed but has faith object president and the first lady. others gave the president high marks for job performance. >> i think he's doing the best he can given what he's given. >> reporter: former san francisco mayor willie brown addressed the crowd before the president's speech. he and other democratic leaders asked supporters to work phone
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banks and travel to battleground steps they said the president's message is simple. >> we stop the slide and he's moving us back up and he does address the concerns of working people and the middle class. >> reporter: a message that supporters say the president made clear tonight. >> he's doing a good job of explaining what has happened and what he's dealing with and where we need to be. >> reporter: one protester stuck into the watch party briefly before the president spoke. a small group was gathered outside during the watch party there was also strong police presence. there were no reports of problems. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on that protest it was a free bradley manning march. about 50 protesters took part. they marched from the b.a.r.t. station to the union cal. the protesters began shouting
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and banging on windows when president obama began his speech. there was a moment when gabrielle giffords recited the pledge of allegiance. president obama's efforts to appeal to women voters and reaction from bay area women who watched his speech. you can visit for more video and photos from the democratic national convention. look for the special section under the dnc tab. a third visitor to yosemite has now died of the hantavirus. park officials reported two more infections today. the total number of people infected is now eight.
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seven of them stayed in a specific group of tent cabins in sierra village. hantavirus is brought about by exposure to mice droppings. park officials have sent notices to people who stayed in the cabins. a memorial was held for a officer killed on duty. >> contra costa area, end of watch september 5th, 2012. >> the chp held an end of watch ceremony. dozens of highway patrol officers stood in silence to honor the officer kenyan bromstead. his family also attended this afternoon's event.
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thousands of people have expressed their condolences to the officer's family, friends and colleagues. we have more on the outpouring of support and some new insight about the gunman after talking to his family. >> reporter: people brought flowers out of respect for officer kenyan bamstrom and his family. >> for one's family. when one of us is hurting all of us are hurting. >> he told me that i needed to rig it correctly. >> reporter: officer youngstrum was 37, he was shot tuesday on i680. the gunman 36-year-old christopher lacy was fatally wounded by a second police officer. lacy's parents who live in oregon came to the bay area and met with investigators today. we spoke by phone with christopher's uncle who lives in connecticut. he told us quote the family is
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devastated. the family feels horrible about the officer who died. the family says that christopher had distanced himself from the family and had been diagnosed as bipolar. officer youngstrom has committed a final act of help to the community, he donated his organs. there are calls for a lasting tribute to officer youngstrom. some would like to see a stretch of 680 where that shooting took place to be named after him. only the state legislature can approve the naming and any
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signage would need to be purchased by sponsors or friends. a 5,000 reward is now being offered for the safe return of a missing 20-year- old. bret olson is a student at cal poly. last weekend he went rafting near chico. olson was last seen on a spot called beer can beach. today search focused in the area. >> he swam as a kid, he was a certified life guard. so all that bodes well. >> people are hopeful that he just took off and will return. they've made signs and also a facebook page for him that now
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has close to 60,000 friends. in and out burger accused of discrimination. the two classes of people an attorney says the fast food chain refuses to hire. you may have heard about perks such as free lunches at google and facebook. we're going to tell you how some smaller bay area companies are doing to land silican valley talent. >> john would have been very lots of prepaid cards
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police departments around the state flew the american flag at half staff to honor their brother in arms chp officer kenyan youngstrum. the officer of the officer released a statement about their loss and his decision to register as an organ and tissue donor. the statement read in part, through this gift he will save the lives of those who need transplants as well as potentially improve the lives of many. this was our kenyan, he's our hero. today we talked to family who also found comfort from organ donation at a tragic time. their son was also killed during a traffic stop and gave
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the gift of life. debora villalon is live in higue after talking to his loved ones. >> reporter: four officers gunned down, and hege an organ donor. >> a resident did this booklet that is filled with good thoughts. >> reporter: his murder so similar to what the highway patrol and another family are enduring now. >> you're in such a fog you don't really remember. >> reporter: those painful days a blur. but with their son on life support his parents learned he was an organ donor. like the boy scout he had been, always prepared. hege's hearts and kidneys were donated. >> because of john i made myself an organ donor. >> i'm sort of hit when i see
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the pictures of the four coffins. >> reporter: certain images from that time are still tough. but his parents are very amazed how many people became organ donors after their death. he touched people's lives as a teacher, a coach then a cop. >> like if they wanted to go to their kid's baseball game or something he would work their shift. >> reporter: but one person they haven't heard from the recipient of their son's heart. said to be a perfect fit. >> john would have been very pleased. he was a family man. not particularly young but he was interested in sports and had done coaching. >> reporter: like john hege who is survived not only by his parents but two younger sisters. reporting live in oakland, debora villalon.
11:46 pm has more information on organ donation and how you can help. look for the website for the organ donation organization. the two oakland man who filed the suit said they were passed up at two in-and-out locations because they are african american and older. >> when you start to see systematic discrimination that's where the problems lie. >> in-and-out burger sent out a statement that says it does not discriminate. more people are coming forward with similar stories. the person who shot and killed a man in bay point this afternoon is still at large tonight. police say a man died just before 2:00 near marina road.
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the violence erupted near holmes, two schools and a day care center. the sheriff's officer held a shelter in place and schools went into lock down during the search. officers were unable to locate the gunman. the advisory was lifted shortly after 5:00 this evening. stocks surged to close at their highest level in more than four years. a stronger than expected jobs report and the european central bond helped push the -- the dow jones has jumped 244 points the nasdaq was up more than 66 points. fewer people applied for unemployment benefits, jobless claims jumped from 12,000 to a seasonal accomplished 15,000. today's figures from the labor department may signal strongers growth in september. the august jobs report is due
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out tomorrow. amazon today unveiled an array of new kindle fires. one version will cost $299. they also unveiled the paper white reader. it's easier to read in direct sunlight. new at 10:00 there's good news in silican valley where tech companies are higher and there's a certain type of employer who's on hand. maureen naylor is here to tell us who is making $70,000 a year right out of college. >> reporter: for four hours tonight just north of here it competed for that highly skilled talent. you would not know from the look of this allumni career
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fair that this was a difficult job fair to get into. 50 turned down. this recruiter from zazzle says an engineer can fetch $75,000 plus a year. >> i've recently seen a lot of numbers that engineering salaries in the valley in the last year are up five plus% just from last year. >> reporter: with 15 positions open he says hiring one here would be considered a success. a 2010, 2011 survey of some stanford engineering reports those with a bachelor's degree earn a starting salary of $72,000 a year. we found most companies torrent trying to distinguish themselves by pitching their own culture. this software engineer left a pivotal lab because of a shorter workweek. >> at the height of it it was
11:50 pm
an 80 to 100 hour week, pivotal is 40 hours a week. >> reporter: we found this graduate who graduated in may and says colleagues are seeking start ups. >> with start up culture, it's a lot of time off. you can take time off when you're burned out. >> reporter: she is a chemical engineer and hopes to land a job within a month. maureen naylor, ktvu news. these are your high temperatures from today. we had a thunderstorms roll through the area. skies cleared out and now we have numbers like these. temperatures tomorrow are going to come up a couple of degrees. you're probably noticing a little bit of a crisp in the
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air. especially when you're sending your kids off to school. we'll have the complete forecast looking at the bay area back here at 10:45, i'll see you then. san francisco firefighters are calling for more testing on risks and so are the residents. david bouber says he's alarmed by recent warnings of possible radio active and other toxic contamination. signs are up saying some homes now are off limits and the navy recently sent letters about possible contamination from waste when treasure island was a naval base. >> reporter: a sticky situation, how a man got stuck between two walls and the operation to free him. >> a woman was robbed and beaten in her own
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police in oakland's diamond district get an ear full by residents that are plagued by a number of crimes. within those crimes a recent incident where a woman was robbed and beaten in her own garage. eric rasmussen is live in oakland and tell us response time is one of the key complaints. >> reporter: in fact, julie, neighbors say it took police 30 minutes to respond. >> this whole incident has shocked me to my toes. >> reporter: and the frustration. >> our corner has been hit four or five times in one house, twice in another, twice in another. >> reporter: was obvious, last
11:55 pm
week a woman was robbed and pistol whipped in the garage of her house near tiffen and waterhouse. the oakland neighborhood. >> the person involved pled profusely for over 20 minutes. >> reporter: neighbors say there was no sign of police or paramedics. >> 911 did not do its job. 911 was called numerous times, they didn't come. you didn't come. >> reporter: they need to find a way to be more responsive. >> reporter: andrea dawson was among those in the audience who heard an apology from police. >> i am going to admit i'm a human being and we're run by human beings and we do make mistakes. >> reporter: while investigators could not talk specifics, they said the investigation continues. yet many remain frustrated in neighborhoods where crime is on the rise. >> is it going to take me to find him in my house and kill
11:56 pm
him for you guys to stop him? i'm sick of this. >> reporter: police say they are following leads in this case and they are placing more officers in areas where they have seen a spike in crime. eric rasmussen. san jose firefighters made an unusual rescue early this morning. this is video you will see only on 2. it shows a man being pulled from between the walls of an orchard supply store and strip mall. arturo corona was trying to evade officers probably jumping from rooftop to rooftop before he fell between two buildings. residents of a small community in colusa county have been warned they may have to evacuate because of a wildfire. the 16 complex fire is actually two fires burning off highway 16 near the small town of
11:57 pm
rumsey. calfire says flames are moving toward 23 homes in the cantina rancheria area. so far three people have been reported injured. calfire also reports 9,700 acres have burned and that containment is only at 20%. calfire is hoping to have full containment by friday. the city of oakland is coming to life. at 10:45 the event that is bringing a vibrant night life to the once dead downtown. and what a shock. a surprised reunion ñ#
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a clean house. my new car. [ woman ] go ahead and take your blindfolds off. oh!! hahahaha!!! look at all this garbage!!! [ male announcer ] febreze car. eliminates odors for continuous freshness, so you can breathe happy. >> for the ideals that inspire
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us there is only one choice, that choice is to move forward, boldly forward and finish the job and reelect president barack obama. in his acceptance speech tonight, vice president joe biden talked about the administration's familiar refrain of home and change and said the journey is not yet over but that we are on the way. in the past two weeks, both parties have been focusing on a key group that could determine theout the -- the outcome in november. jana katsuyama live in san rafael with reaction from women on the issues that are most important to them. jana. >> reporter: that's right, frank. more than 200 people actually packed this obama campaign headquarters in san rafael and women talked with us about the issues that they wanted to hear. tonight many women at the democratic watch party say president obama delivered on issues they wanted to hear. blasting republicans on
12:01 am
abortion rights and health care. >> washington politicians who want to decide who you can marry or control health care choices that women should be making for themselves. >> reporter: some say they are getting more involved in the election this year because the debate over abortion has become such a prominent issue. >> it's because i feel like rights are being threatened. rights that have been achieved in the past. >> reporter: other women say they are worried about health care costs, the economy and education. >> i am 68, i'm a senior citizen now and just looking at what we're going to be having to face financially. >> funding for colleges, student loans, those are obviously, i'm a mother of two young kids and those are issues that hit very close to home. >> reporter: but a poll released yesterday says that president obama had lost ground among women. with only 46% having a favorable view of obama. >> i think both parties are
12:02 am
making women the issue. >> reporter: james taylor says women voters are likely to be the biggest swing vote in this election. >> no group has appealed to in this election as women are. and i think that's important. i think women are going to show up in droves. >> reporter: and one interesting point, comments are building up on twitter and facebook about president obama's pronunciation of her and she to make his point. just another way this campaign is reaching out to that demographic. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan made a stop in colorado springs, colorado is a key swing state. and his running mate mitt
12:03 am
romney is said to launch a new tv ad that pits bill clinton against president obama. >> give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i've ever seen. >> that was the former president criticizing president obama during obama's primary battle against hillary clinton. it says clinton is being a good soldier helping his party's president. the ad is supposed to begin airing tomorrow. a girl got the surprise of her lifetime. she had no idea at all that her dad who she had not seen in 2- 1/2 years was going to come walking through the door. that's army specialist ross
12:04 am
gobtell. he had gone for three tours of duty to afghanistan and his homecoming was a total surprise today. there was only one thing they wanted to do when they met for such a long time. >> i just wanted to hold her, hug her, kiss her, tell her i missed her. >> reporter: doctell says his daughter was quite a bit shorter when he last saw her and he's looking forward to a lot of catching up. the san jose police department is planning next week to disband a unit designed to get truant students off the street. >> why weren't you in school today? the real reason. >> reporter: the truancy unit tracks down juveniles who are skipping school. officers say they pick up between 25 to 35 students each day. the department says it will now have some officers work overtime on that truancy problem. a boycott is being called against a mi pueblo supermarket chain after they began the
12:05 am
practice of checking immigration status. some people in the immigrant and labor communities say they are upset. >> this system is mainly implemented when it comes to latinos and minoritys in this country. or people who sound or look different. we believe this is anti immigrant. >> reporter: mi pueblo has 26,000 people working in stores mainly in california. the company plans ongoing public and could expand to states that require e-verify. a man accused of robbing a man he met in the castro is now facing charges of premeditated murder. james ricklis is accused of killing eric escalon. police say ricklis also robbed the apartment before leaving. in oakland a 16-year-old
12:06 am
was charged as an adult today for attempted murder of a police officer and several other felony counts. kenyan thomas was arrested yesterday in east palo alto. he's accused of being in the car that rammed and shot out the back of a chp officer car while that officer was chasing a van back on july 4th. a catch he didn't see coming. the big surprise when a south earn california fisherman reeled in his line. >> i'm back here in just a couple of minutes your bay area weekend is bas [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ it turned out to be a hoax. a u.s. airway's flight was diverted and a passenger taken
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off the plane in handcuffs. philadelphia police said they got a call about a man with explosives on board. it turns out the passenger was the victim of what police are now calling a pretty nasty trick. he had been on his way to texas to celebrate his birthday with his father -- with his family. the judge in the phoenix area adopted the show me your papers provision. it requires authorities to verify the status of people who they suspect are in the country illegally. the controversial provision is expected to go into effect in the next 10 days. in news of the world tonight, in turkey 58 refugees drowned when their boat sanked after hitting rocks off the coast. at least nine were children. many of the victims were trapped below deck. some did survive and managed to swim to shore. most of the people were from
12:10 am
syria. in russia, president putin road a motorized hand glider the many in his many adventures. critics call all this publicity stunts. after a six year ban, the bullfights are back on public tv. the previous socialist administration banned the broadcast saying they were shown while children watched. but now that conservatives are involved, spaniards can now watch bullfighting on tv. 53-year-old lai vu was arrested -- mai vu was accused
12:11 am
of real estate fraud charges. a man had got a surprise when fishing on the pier. when he reeled in his line, a great white was on his pierment this is the second time a great white has been caught. this great white was 6 feet. was cut off the line and released in the ocean. a renaissance in downtown oakland. our ktvu special iiç
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oakland. something is happening under the most unusual of circumstances and it happened again tomorrow night. alex sadvidge withni special report. >> reporter: for decades, oakland has been as lifeless as a funeral after closing hours. city hall has been pumping money to try to rebuild it, revamp it, reliven it. but sunshine is all it has gotten in return. almost out of nowhere this is what's happening. >> ♪ >> it's called first friday. and unlikely as it may seen it's like the glass light district. even the french quarter of new orleans on fat tuesday. >> vodka, people called me crazy. >> reporter: peter van cliff is the owner of cafe van cliff who
12:15 am
may serve coffee but is one of oakland's most loved bars. >> when i came here in 2000 at 5:00 you could look as far as the eye could see, you would not see one automobile. and sometimes i felt like a paramedic beating the chest of a dead dead oakland trying to get that heart pumping. and if you look around, it worked. >> reporter: other factors often sited for first friday are the reservation of the fox theater and the monthly tour of oakland galleries called murmur. the mood starting from 37th avenue to downtown and promising to keep going to the waters edge in jack london square is mostly festive. from freelance poetry readers. to rappers. to rock & rollers, you can hear a young strong and fresh oakland. >> west coast, oakland. >> reporter: there's an impromptu car show at an all
12:16 am
drive in now reborn. lots of capital, kegs, cool bikes and even some of oakland's famous black cowboys who may not have their horses tied up outside the saloon but seem to be enjoying a cool can of hipster beer nonetheless. depicted as being deserted or trashed by political activists. >> whoever comes to these conclusions has to come down to downtown oakland for a while. >> reporter: ethan merryl with a requisite hipster attire says he's been coming here for a while. they're starting to see it extend through the rest of the month. >> the saturday after this
12:17 am
first friday are like, hey we went to this place that was hopping so let's go tell our friends. >> reporter: to make sure everybody is sharing in the bounty, certainly no friday is no disneyland quality street fair such as mountain view's night event. instead oakland's first friday is seem to be announcing its firm intention of a unique resurge. >> one love. >> reporter: and prove that oakland's long coming redemption may actually be possible. >> reporter: alex sadvige. >> for more information on first fridays you can go to and scroll down to the hot topics section. police in campbell tell us they have received several tips about condo break-ins. we showed you this security camera of a man breaking into a
12:18 am
car sunday morning at the onyx condos. another camera clearly shows the suspect's face as he leaves. police tell us since that story aired last night they have now received several potential leads, but so far have not identified the suspect. it was a magnificent sight. i will get that out over the san francisco bay at dusk last night. this was a viewer photo of last night's double rainbow arching during the baseball game. any time you have a photo that you would like to share just send it by e-mail to photos at and we will try to get it posted up on our website. here we are, clear day out at the beach. plenty of sunshine. red flag warning this morning and we had tropical moisture even showers early this morning in the south bay. right now what we've got is a little bit of fog and it's working it's way back to the
12:19 am
coast. so fog at the coast in the morning hours it should be patchy then it should burn away. there's that tropical moisture you see motoring off to the east. then it's out of here and it's really good news. we have the red flag warning until 11:00 this morning or until earlier this morning and scary conditions. any time you have unstable air and thunderstorms in the area it's nasty. we're heading for a more dry, settled stable pattern which means temperatures will increase a couple of degrees tomorrow. as you move into the bay area weekend which is essentially here it's going to be nice. it's going to be temperatures in the 80s which is going to feel fall like out there. number one you have some cool overnight lows. it's crisp in the morning as you head outdoors. there's the fog in pacifica. highway1, great highway, i think visible will be a little reduced. be prepared for reduced visible in the valley. temperatures tomorrow you're
12:20 am
going to see 80s pot up in the inland bay valleys. but a warmer day tomorrow then we had today. in the forecast calls for thunderstorms to go that way. as we move out we start to warm up. these are the highs forecast for your tomorrow. 84degrees in concord, 86 in pittsburg, 87 in brentwood. santa clara valley lots of 80s, low 80s. good air quality. and at the coast there's some fog but it's going to be a nice day. fridays are always nice when it rains. >> so true. >> there's the five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. the weekend looks good too. it'll be cooler but a nice set up. >> well, said. thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. one of the six defendants charged in a notorious gang rape in richmond pled guilty today. manuel ortega is now 23 years old. he is expected to be sentenced
12:21 am
for 12 years in prison next week. he was one of the instigators of a rape of a 16-year-old girl outside a homecoming dance three years ago. in san francisco, hundreds of people had reason to be proud and to celebrate. they had all graduated from a substance abuse program and declared themselves ready to begin a clean and sober new life. their families and friends were all on hand to cheer and give them a standing ovation. the program is now called health right 360. it's a merger of walden house and the hay ash clinic. the annual contest that
12:22 am
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♪ opera love it. (crying) ally, ally oh, same dress yeah, you want to get up off the floor? i do. okay. vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind it's on ebay™. the ringing sound of a cable car, filled the air today at san francisco union square. it was the 49th annual nummi car bell ringing contest. the event features a contest for bellman and conductors as well as amateurs. mark is here with sports no baseball. we are talking football tonight. all about to get started. >> it's going to be a great
12:25 am
weekend and no more exhibition stuff. little baseball breather. football preview no more. dress rehearsals for the niners or raiders. oakland thrown into the national spotlight against the same team that ruined their play off hopes last season. although carson palmer lifted the chargers up. in the big picture, the quarterback well aware of all the reasons the raiders have to get up for monday night football. >> we are well aware of who knocked us out. we are well aware. we talked about that enough and we understand. you know we haven't forgotten what happened last year. >> you know it's a division game. a rivalry game. this rivalry between these two teams is a fight between the two places. there won't be easing into the regular season with the 49ers. eighthstraight time they've come home nothing but sore after playing at lambeau field. doesn't seem to matter if it's bret favre or aaron rogers in
12:26 am
the here and now. san francisco's defense will be in for a stiff test against the packers. but that doesn't mean the man from chico isn't aware of the 49ers improve on d and he keeps his head on a swivel looking for one justin smith number 94. >> great defense. they have a lot of talent, a lot of probowl players, a lot of guys that could be probowl players. justin smith is the guy that makes it go. he's a blue collar guy. he doesn't always get the stats. >> when you think about it it's a wonder it doesn't happen as often as it does. but when it does, frightening. when the pitcher was hit by a baseball. everyone acting swiftly and cautiously and it's a good thing. mccarthy needing two hours of
12:27 am
brain surgery to relieve swelling in his brain. baltimore saying hey with the wild card. we want to overthrow the yankees as they honor cal ripkin then they play like the bomber himself. first you saw adam jones. then mark reynolds, a two run shot. and his second of the game as a matter of fact. yankees and o's now in a flat footed tie for first place in the eastern division of the american league. the orioles with a payroll of 1/20 of that of the yankees. the giants ready up for the weekend against the dodgers. they have to get a second wind over the last 11 game it is rotation guys have a 2-1 record with a 2.75 era. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. they're hoping all that changes manana. >> and quickly, yeah, mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
12:28 am
we'll see you the next time
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Oakland 17, Us 8, San Francisco 8, At&t 4, Ktvu 4, Obama 3, Russia 3, Clinton 2, Youngstrom 2, Advanced Digital Network 2, Debora Villalon 2, Eric Rasmussen 2, Raiders 2, Justin Smith 2, Christopher 2, Chico 2, San Rafael 2, Downtown Oakland 2, Maureen Naylor 2, Charmin Ultra Soft 2
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